The Serum You Need to Try: Dewy Shark Sauce

The Serum You Need to Try: Dewy Shark Sauce

About Holy Snails

If you are active in the online skincare community, you must have heard of the brand: Holy Snails. Holy Snails is a women-owned brand that creates simple but effective products. The brand started as a Korean beauty blog and quickly became a Reddit favorite. They eventually produced their own line that was adored by everyone. No unnecessary fancy fragrance and fillers, just good ingredients to share with everyone.

We are a big fan of their work and we are super excited about our collaboration with Holy Snails! The Dewjoy team wanted to design an overall potent serum that fits all skin types. As a skincare junkie, I have overused actives and tested products all over the market. My skin developed sensitivity and redness from the over usage of exfoliants. I wasn’t the only one with this issue, it seems many members of the beauty community struggled with healing their skin too. 

Dewy Shark Sample

Holy Snails and Dewjoy partners up to soothe and calm your skin

We made Dewy Shark Sauce, the best serum ever! We have tested the prototype with many different skin types to ensure the texture was perfect. The serum is lightweight and sinks in fast but leaves a layer of hydration. Our group of testers noticed a smoother texture and a healthy glow. For my skin, I noticed less post-acne redness and sensitivity.


Why does the serum work so well? Let’s look at this blend:

Sea Kelp Bio Ferment – Sea Kelp is a natural moisturizer filled with nutritious vitamins for the skin. Fermentation of Sea Kelp allows your skin to absorb the benefits better.

Blue Agave Bioferment – Blue Agave treats wounds and dry patches. It needs little moisture to survive which allows it to protect your skin from environmental stress.

Pumpkin Enzymes – This is an incredible source of fatty acids to protect the skin. Pumpkin Enzymes also gently exfoliates and promotes skin firmness.

3% Glucosamine – Found in the shells of shellfish, it improves skin hydration and prevents wrinkles.

5% Niacinamide –  Well known for reducing hyperpigmentation and minimize the appearance of pores.   

The serum has no fragrance and alcohol. It's available in two sizes, a smaller one (7ml) for you to try first and a full size (30ml) when you want to commit to Dewy Shark!

Dewjoy and Holy Snails are very excited for you to try this magical formulation of amazing ingredients.

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